Writing about being anxious

Writing has always been a thing of relief, of unqualified joy.

But the need to prove yourself can sometimes be too strong, the need to forge ahead too fast can be crippling.

This is a lesson I learned today, and a lesson I have taken to heart.

My prayer: Lord let me write because it is bursting forth, and let me not be anxious. Amen.

And now to bed and dreams.

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  1. indigobunting

    Do not be anxious! Keep writing!

    (We all experience this…)

    Keep writing, yes Indigo, that is the answer, keep writing :). Thanks and a hug.

  2. Mental Mist

    I am seeing connections everywhere today, to this particular thought 🙂 … Grand coincidence!

    You have put it beautifully!

    Anxiety is in the air, I guess! Thanks for visiting.

  3. anniegirl1138

    Yeah, I am so close to a finished novel that I can taste it and it is this that is slowly bringing my words to a crawl and making me feel that everything I put on the page is crap.

    It’s at the moment when one should be celebrating the joy that the reality sets in.

    Courage. Repeat after me: “I shall not be anxious.” That said, I totally understand the feeling.