Writing about Marathon Reading

As usual, I have been reading like a maniac, also because I have so many books to read right now, I can make an igloo out of them. I went to two book sales, and for about 100 usd have got about a 100 books, on top of the books I already had on my reading shelf.

I just finished Of Mice and Men last night, and went to bed crying, convinced I could never ever write that well, and am wasting my time learning to write.

I am also wading through My Name is Red, it is a wonderful, but slightly laborious reading. I am halfway through, and I keep going back to it every once in a while.

When I’m tired, I thumb through The Winter Queen, and love how this guy writes a mystery novel in such beautiful language. When I put stuff in the microwave, for my functional, edible, and intermittently delicious cooking, I have a book handy near the kitchen. Last month it was a charming little book called Portofino, and now that I have finished it, I am looking for a suitably light replacement from my shelf.

Of course, there is the mandatory book that lies around in my bathroom, that I read while waiting for the water to heat up, for the face pack to dry, and er….while on the throne! This month’s book is The Shape of Fiction, so I can take it one short story at a time.

I’m living my dream, just reading, reading, and reading some more. Er,….and also writing the best way I can, when I can fit in times in between reading…..lol

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