Writing about living without internet

Writing about life, age, no internet
Writing about life, age, no internet

Back to blogging. Back to internet.

I had expected to heave a big sigh of relief, but instead came to realize a few things:

It is possible to live without internet. (for short periods at least?)

There is a whole world out there which knows nothing about the internet, and it does not affect their lives in any way whatsoever. (This includes my parents.)

Your blog attracts visitors, whether you’re writing or not. (Hurray for search engines.)

It is possible to miss people you’ve never seen or met. (Includes nearly all my blog friends.)

Playing with your dog after a whole year beats browsing the internet.

Aging parents grow older each time you see them.(You need to call them, see them more often.)

For those interested, here is a slide-show from my trip.

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  1. Turkish Prawn

    Living with out internet… It can be areal blessing.

    My laptop died a while ago and I actually put off fixing it for some time. It was really nice to not have it around for a bit. I don’t think I’d happily go back to the pre-internet days, but I don’t remember being miserable growing up with out cable tv, internet, a cell phone or a credit card. Actually, I remember reading more, playing out side and being with friends.


    Glad to have you back!

    -Turkish Prawn

  2. anniegirl1138

    Good to see you!

    I have lived without the net so I know it is possible and it seems my entire family functions quite well without it too (aside from middle child and husband).

  3. elybessy

    Welcome back Dee, I’m happy you are well. Did you enjoy your trip? I think it’s great to see again own family and share happy moments all together.I enjoyed your photos and like indigobunting I would like to know even more. I’m fine, but as you know, now I’m little bit busy with my course.See you soon and a hug

  4. indigobunting

    So happy you’re back! Great photos. Would love to hear even more, but love these observations…

    Thanks, I wish I could put up all the photos here. The vacation has now become a blur of lots of eating, affection, sleeping and relaxation. My parents stay in a bustling little town, but it is, after all, a very small town. Will head over to your blog now.

  5. Kym

    Welcome back, and I know what you mean about your parents. I see mine a couple times a week and still my dad ages every single time. I find it so hard to bear.

    Thanks, Kym. It is great to be back.I’ve met my parents only once a year for the last 15 years, and it gets harder each year.