Writing about Halloween

Writing scary stories or “How to celebrate Halloween” articles is as far as I’ve ever been involved with Halloween. In the various countries I’ve been to, Halloween was an excuse for another party.

But this time around, I’d not figured that our condominium has a lot of American families. There were children outside our door, sack in hand, scary masks in place. And there I was with a fridge full of fruits and cheese and other grocery, and various half-finished packets of chocolate. (the last part courtesy the husband)

Finally the husband opened the door, and finding nothing more suitable to give the trick-or treaters, handed in a huge packet of McVitie’s Digestive biscuits!

I have to be better prepared next time.

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  1. Kym

    Oh, those poor kids! You should have done what another woman did. She held out her empty candy bowl to apologize and one of the local teens gave her a lollipop so she would have something to munch!

  2. DarcKnyt

    Oh man. You’ll be the subject of the “Trick” part of “trick-or-treat” next year if you don’t have better treats to give! 🙂

    Live and learn, eh? 😀