Writing about My Vacation in Italian

With my Italian exams drawing near, I’ve taken to writing, reading and speaking Italian as much as I can. I sent my teacher a paragraph on my Kenyir Vacation, and here’s the corrected version. Ely, you want to take a chance at an English translation?

Siamo andati in vacanza il fine settimana scorso vicino a un lago si chiama Tasik Kenyir. Il lago e’ enorme, ci vuole mezz’ora a attarversare il lago con il motoscafo.

La vista era molto bella dal balcone della nostra camera. L’acqua cambiava di colore dalla mattina alla sera, e il lago sembrava diverso ogni giorno. Era molto bello da vedere, e ogni mattina mi sedevo sul letto ammirando la vista.

Il cibo pero’ nel Lake Kenyir resort non era molto buono  e mi ha stancato  molto, perche’ c’era solo un ristorante dove dovevamo fare la colazione, pranzo, e cena. Pero’ siamo stati molto tranquilli, siamo andati a pesca, e anche a vedere tutto il lago in motoscafo.

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  1. claire o'sullivan

    “We went on vacation last weekend near a lake called Tasik Kenyir. The lake is huge, it takes half an hour to cross the lake with the motorboat.

    The view was very nice from the balcony of our room. The water changed color from morning to night, and the lake looked different every day. It was very nice to see, and every morning I sat on the bed admiring the view.

    The food however in the Lake Kenyir resort was not very good and it got me very tired, because there was only one restaurant where we had to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But we were very quiet, we went fishing, and even to see the whole lake by motorboat.”

    Was I close? Sounds like you had a great vacay!

  2. Emma

    Good luck with your exams. I’m always jealous of folks who can speak more than one language, and Italian is beautiful.

  3. steveh755449769

    Awesome! I lived in Italy for 2 years and became some what fluent speaking Italian. That was many years ago and I forgot most of it, some day I would like to pick it up again.

  4. elybessy

    We went on vacation last weekend near a lake called Tasik Kenjir. It’s a huge lake,and to across it , takes half an hour by boat.

    The landscape was beautiful from my room balcony. The sea changed own colour from the morning to the evening, and the lakes looked so different every day.
    It was so nice to enjoy it and every morning I sat down on my bed admiring the view.

    The food in Lake Kenyir resort it wasn’t very good and I didn’t like it too much. We could only have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the same restaurant, but we were quiet, we went fishing and we enjoyed the trip on the lake.