Writing in TImes of Terror

I’ve been watching the terror attacks on Mumbai for the last two hours. Mumbai had already been under siege for 10 hours.

Dozens of terrorists have attacked Mumbai. Blasts, shootouts, gun battles, fires, hostages—you name it, Mumbai saw it last night. It is still a”live” situation, meaning that hostages are still being held, and shots being exchanged.

Nearly 100 people are dead, double the number injured, and questions galore.


Blood and gore everywhere in South Mumbai. What really gets to me is the motivation these terrorists must have had. 16 teams of them got into the attack, risking certain death or at least capture/ interrogation. I would dearly love to know what kind of brainwashing these people went through, how were they persuaded to give and take lives, to be so bold about it too—- what exactly had they been told?

My flesh crawls when I think that the masterminds behind this situation must be watching from somewhere in glee.

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