Writing My First Anniversary Post

I’ve been posting on this blog for an year now.

Last year, on this day, I was full of resolutions. I wanted to post on this blog on a daily basis, but now that I check back, the maximum I’ve ever managed is 16 posts in a month.

I started with a longing for visitors, but with life taking over, I find that I have less and less time to socialize, to comment, even to post, and my stats have taken a nosedive.

I’ve also found that I do not care for my stats quite so much.

I’ve had losses this year, I’ve had an operation, two members of the family have passed on. I’ve changed homeWriting My First Anniversary Posts this year. I’ve changed my country of residence, from Singapore to Malaysia.

A lot of proverbial water has flown under the bridge, but I’m happy to note that I’ve stuck to my last year’s resolution of writing fiction. And have built on that resolution this year. I’ve taken one writing course and then another, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that it is all about writing, writing, and more writing. And it is all about not giving up, never, ever.

I’m not sure this blog has turned out to be exactly what I wanted it to be. But it has been a good journey, one I mean to continue, and I’ve made friends along the way. Friends who’ve given me words of encouragement when I’d just about had it with life, friends who have made me laugh, friends who’ve given me new insights into life. For all these friends I’m grateful, and I also want to thank each and every one of them for being such an inspiration. Annie, Darc, Ely, Indigo, Kym, Lofter, Ovidia, Rick Mobbs, and so many more…..

I mean to keep this blog chugging along this year, and who knows, maybe I’ll manage my time well enough to carve out time for blog browsing, stumbling, and doing all those little things that mean higher ranks. Or maybe I won’t.

One thing is sure, I want to keep up this blog for as long as I can; and I want to watch myself grow, become a little smarter, a little wiser, more intuitive, with each day, each month, each year, each post.

I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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  1. kester2

    Hi Damyanti:

    Seeing your one year blog anniversary made me check mine. Sometime next month it turns one. I looked at my archive for the date of the first post but WordPress has all February’s posts listed as the 28th.

    (It’s thewildcatsvictory.wordpress.com)

    I saw your post about crit partners on Mike’s — which is why I came to check your blog. Do you have someone? I just started with two new ones but I’m not sure either will work out. (One wants to rewrite everything into her own words and the other writes in a genre that I don’t like to read and crit.)

    you can find me at kwhyte……. if you are still trolling for critters.

    Hi, and welcome to my blog.

    An email is on its way…I did not publish your email id here cos I was afraid you might get spammed.

  2. indigobunting

    Happy anniversary! And what a year you’ve had. I’m amazed that anyone with a year like that can write as much as you have. Congratulations!

    Thanks, Indigo. In part, I think it is having readers like you that has made this possible.

  3. ceylanthewriter

    The Bard once said, “To thine own self be true.” Keep on writing and keep positive!


    Thanks, Ceylan, I hope to be able to do just that.

  4. rick mobbs

    Mine was a year old on the 4th. Happy birthday to us! Glad you are well. And writing. I identify with the blogging experience you describe. TIMETIMETIME. More later, when I find time. Happy New Year and the very best to you always.


    Thanks, Rick, and Happy First Birthday to your blog as well. Am so glad you dropped by.

  5. anniegirl1138

    Oh I like how you reviewed your year. And you are welcome to any inspiration I may have provided as you have certainly inspired me.

    Thanks, Annie. That is the beauty of the virtual world. We can inspire each other without knowing any of the physical realities of the other person.

  6. DarcKnyt

    Happy anniversary! Congratulations!

    Thanks Darc! I’m sometimes stunned at how you comment a second after my post is published