Writing about Being Lazy, Finding Buddies, Critters

kids-writingWriting can be such a bummer, especially if some days you need to sleep in a bit because you worked till late.

I wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep, snuggle in just a little more under the covers, but I must rise and shine.

I’ve started putting the daily word count below my posts, and yesterday I barely managed a 600. Which means I must push towards above-1000 today. Though these are disconnected writing exercises I’m doing, I find story ideas popping out, and sometimes I’m using them to further a story I’m already writing.

In other news, I’m struggling to find a good match for critique partners and writing buddies.(1 or 2 of each are good enough at this stage):

My ideal critique partner would :

-love my work all the time (kidding!)

– point out places where the work sucks

– do so without making me feel I suck, and hence dry me up

– be familiar with my genres: literary fiction, horror, fantasy

– give me pointers on how to set things right

– push me to deliver the revised version by certain deadlines

-tell me if my crits were helpful or not, and why

My ideal writing buddy would:

-kick my ass all the time, asking me to complete my 1000 words(am my own writing buddy right now, sigh)

– write like a maniac, and make me feel lousy I haven’t

-make me send him or her my stuff as proof of my work (hah, I have such faith in my dedication!)

– be gung-ho about writing, writing, writing

-get me going when I’m blocked

-not mind when I do all the above to him or her

Wish list, wish list…but I can live in hope, can’t I? Wishing and dreaming done for the day, let me take my nose to the grindstone….

Word count January 7: 650

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  1. DarcKnyt

    You’re getting there! Keep it up! You can do it!

    Thanks Darc, I do need the encouragement. Not had a peep out of me today

  2. legendoftheprotectors

    I would love to be your writing buddy! I can do those things. And would love them in return! And thanks for following my blog!

    Thanks, Sarah 🙂

    An e-mail is on the way!