Writing about plotting

I have been trying to plot out a story, and here’s a page I found was quite funny yet helpful:

Let’s put your character in a sticky situation!

I feel particularly evil following some of the instructions that come up on this page, and roasting my protagonist one way or the other, but that, I have learned, is the best way to create conflict.

And conflict is the best way to hook readers, and keep them reading!

Word count:

Feb 2: 320

Feb 3: 510 (oh, well…)

Feb 4 : 350 (grrrrrrrrrrr!)

Feb 5: 832 (much better!)

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  1. Bob D'Costa

    Yes, agreed. No conflict, no way of hooking the reader. They say if you face a situation where nothing is happening in the story, that’s the signal to create different, like making your character slip over a banana skin and reach towards a sleeping dog on the pavement, or spill the coffee of the middleaged man. The story takes a fresh start from there.