Writing about hiatus

I know this blog has been on holiday. Other than the million small challenges on the personal front, I have been doing writing workshops, attending writing advice surgeries and that’s kept me busy.

But it has all been incredibly helpful, and I feel as if I’ve progressed 3 months in 3 days! I’m trying to blog about my workshop experiences here to try and share as much as I can of what I learned, but I realize you have to be at a workshop to really benefit from it.

It is not a teacher that teaches and you take notes, it is a facilitator that initiates a writing session, and then moderates exchange of views and comments, so it is hard to capture the whole thing in a blog post.

Two more sessions this week, and then this wonderful learning period would be over, and I would be back to struggling on my own.

Word Count:

11Feb- 500,

12 Feb- 315,

13 Feb-700,

14 Feb- 1134 (writing at workshop),

15 Feb- 600,

16 Feb-412.

I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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  1. legendoftheprotectors

    I second DarcKnyt’s (love that name btw) thoughts.
    And yeah with the word count! You’re doing great, despite the trials!
    Keep up the good work!

    • damyantig

      Thanks, sweetheart, you are a true cheerleader. And yes, I lurve Darc’s name too:). You should visit his blog. I like his rants, his musings on writing, and the occasional tech review, not to mention his title graphic!

  2. DarcKnyt

    It sounds like you’ve really enjoyed your writing workshop. I’m glad for that, and I hope your personal challenges all melt away quickly and painlessly.