Writing about Italian exams, word count

Firstly, can’t help bragging: I cleared my CELI 3 exams in Italian!

Secondly, and (not so cheerfully), here’s my word count for the last week:

19th Feb: o (Revised a story though)

20th Feb: 317

21st Feb: o (did not step near computer or notebook)

22nd Feb: 418

23rd Feb: 1211

24th Feb : 891

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  1. Lofter

    Wow! Big congrats on your exams! I agree with Kym on the word counts… after all, it’s not the quantity of your words that matter – it’s the quality, or power of those words and what they convey. Think of it this way…

    “I love you.”

    Word count: 3
    Power: Infinite

    Hang in there, my friend! I still think you’re great! :->

    Thanks for visiting me after all this time Lofter, and your kind words, I really appreciate it.

    I’m still quite kicked about passing the exams, I wasn’t sure I would!

    As to word counts, problem is first drafts are all about quantity, the quality seeps in from the subconscious on its own. Then, you take those quality bits and begin to put together the second draft of a story, which is hopefully, a lot more quality. At least that is how I ‘m looking at things at the moment.

  2. Kym

    Congrats on the grade and don’t worry about the word count–just keep on trying. You’re building a habit.

    Thanks, am thrilled about the grade, cos it is a worldwide open exam for all foreigners learning Italian. I worry about the word count because I’m afraid I’ll slip if I don’t, and will suddenly have a week without writing!

  3. legendoftheprotectors

    Okay, Party for passing the exam!!!!! Way proud of you, dearheart!!!!!
    And for your writing, Great job! Revising story counts as writing time, so be happy with that. And the other day was hubby day, so yea for that.
    You’ve cleared 500 words on two days, and WHOOHOO!
    So cheesecake all around!
    <3 ya

    Sure, I wish we could actually party together! I can now go to Italy and get a job if I want (not that I will, but it is nice to know I can), and who knows, right?
    Thanks for your kind words , Sarah, you’re such a trooper. I’ve cleared 500 words today as well, heading towards a grand!

  4. DarcKnyt

    I still think you’re doing great. And the days when you don’t go near the computer? That’s fine too. EVERYONE needs a break!

    Keep it up! You’re doing fine!

    Darc, thanks for the kind words. I’m struggling to be better tho. I need to make writing as necessary as breathing….oh ok, at the very least as necessary as lunch!