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Writing from a fresh perspective
Writing from a fresh perspective

I haven’t been posting here as often, because I’ve been rather stuck with writing. Which is a good thing, because I’m usually stuck “not writing” instead! And I’ve been more regular at my writing blog.

Exercising the writing muscle is not over-rated. If you keep at it everyday when it is hard to get even a sentence out, there will be days when you’re blessed and cannot stop writing.

This happened to me on the 25th Feb, when I wrote 2000 words on a short story, took me the whole day to do it, but I think I’ve got a decent draft to work on. 26th and 27th Feb were relatively dry days, I spent a lot of time reading, researching, and plotting, not that much time writing.

Let’s hope things are better next week, because I’ll be traveling, and will always have a notepad by my side.

Hopefully, it will give me a new perspective, trigger a fresh way of looking at old things when I come back, or a fruitful response to the new things I’m going to see.

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  1. legendoftheprotectors

    That’s exactly what will happen. You’ll see someone or something that will inspire a story. I hope you have fun traveling!
    Keep me posted!