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I made posts on my writing blog and my group blog today (both of which I’d love for you to visit), so by rights, I should not be posting here. New posting rules in my life say:  “Thou shalt not post on more than 2 blogs on any given day.”

But I’m a little under the weather and can’t sleep, so this post which should have come up tomorrow gets written today. So, sue me.

Firstly, I have a bone to pick with a few people, though I don’t know who they are. Lately a lot of people have been reaching my blog using the following search terms:

  • “crocodile skin cut ritual”
  • “naked women fishing”
  • “body of lady”
  • “oiled body”
  • “pooped”
  • “blood spatter”
  • “body of the lady with no dress”


Enough said.


I notice that I have not been posting word counts, so here goes:

28 Feb- 300

1 Mar- 0

2 Mar- 615

3 Mar- 200

4 Mar- 117

5 Mar- 0, but revised a story

6 Mar- 0, but revised another story

7 Mar- 327

8 Mar- 657

9 Mar- 547, revised a story

10 Mar- 815

Poor showing, I know.*curls up and hides under the table*

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  1. Kym

    I know I hate those searches, too. The one that came up this morning “n*ked little boy” (I replaced the a with an * to keep you from getting searched, too) made me want to grab the photo of my son and cover it. I decided to relax but I was disgusted and sad.

    I know. I’ve been to your site, and have thought of asking you to cover up those photos as well. In these days of the internet predator, it does not hurt to be extra cautious. I’m disgusted and sad too. I have to learn how to take screen grabs, cos I hear that my post here will add to the number of searches for thses terms. Sigh.

  2. DarcKnyt

    Oh, Damyanti … you should NEVER put the weird search terms in your blog unless you do it with a screen capture. If you do, you’ll only get more searches for those terms and derivations of those terms.


    Thanks, Darc!
    Trust me to do such a dumb thing….you would think something commonsense like that would’ve occurred to me! *Bawl*…now, unless I delete the post, I’ll get more searches for these terms….
    Also Darc, how do I do a screen capture on Mac?

    Feel better, and don’t be so hard on yourself about the word count. Just keep pounding the keys. 🙂

    Um, am pounding, scribbling, doing the lot..but never seem to be getting anywhere :(. Thanks for your continuous cheerleading tho!