Writing about familiar books

An interesting article that discusses Peter Pan. Makes me want to go dig up the original, and read it with new, adult eyes.

There are so many books to read and so little tie to do it in, that the idea of revisiting childhood reads seems almost a luxury.

But I do pick up books I read long years ago in hopes of reading them again and discovering a new shade of meaning, especially since I was a terribly precocious reader as a child.

How about you? Do you ever feel like reading again the books you read as a child?

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  1. Oh

    Yes! I think of a childhood book from time to time and then do two things: 1) I check Wikipedia to see if it's there and then re-read the summary to see if I remember it correctly and 2) I blog about it to see if others read it and/or what they recall. And it's always nice to see that it might still be in print (cuz I check on a Amazon.) I recently looked for THE PINK MOTEL. And it's still in print – however, it has an updated cover!

  2. dayya

    Oh yes and I do! One of my favorites–The Wind in the Willows. I re-read it every now and then just for the pleasure. It's among my favorites.