Writing about an Year-end Holiday in Kuching, Sarawak

This has not been an easy year for me. But the way it is ending in Kuching, peaceful and  slow-paced, bodes well for the coming year.

Sarawak River, Kuching, by Day
Sarawak River, Kuching, by Day

Kuching is the capital of the Malaysian state of Sarawak, and though the internet is full of information about Kuching’s history, its places to see, and its inhabitants, what none of them tell you is the story of its soul.

Sarawak River, Kuching, by Evening
Sarawak River, Kuching, by Evening

This city has a quiet soul, its people model the slow-flowing Sarawak River in their lives, and despite malls like Spring which seek to make Kuching a more “happening” place, it sticks to its old ways and hushed charm.

Sarawak Cultural Village Long House
Sarawak Cultural Village Long House

All the cab drivers asked where we were from, what we did, how long we were here, how long we planned to stay, reminding me of my grandmother’s village in hinterland India where your business is everybody’s business.

We went to the Sarawak Cultural Village, and though it left me a little sad about another way of life losing ground, I couldn’t deny I felt grateful to be allowed a glimpse into it.

There were the usual farms and sanctuaries to visit, the museums to see, but the best part of the city, to me, remains its ability to slow down time. Which is a great thing when you’re on holiday.

We took a lot of pictures, and I plan to share one every day throughout the month of January and February. I’ll add a little text depending on what is going on my life then, and knowing me, I’ll probably miss a few days.

But I want the spirit of Kuching, this ability to prolong the moment, to seep into my New Year and fill it with a tranquil silence of the soul.

A very Happy New Year to all my blog friends and anyone who stumbles on this blog. Where are you off to for your year-end break?

Signing off on my last post for the year, see you all in 2010!

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  1. Husna

    The feels from reading this. Thank you for typing out this story! I may can experience visiting to Sarawak without need to travel. . ^_^

  2. restlessjo

    I’m obviously going back a long way, but when somebody visits my blog I always look for something we might have in common, or that I’m interested in to comment on. Glad your blogging adventure is progressing. Many thanks for following mine.