Writing a Blog Post From an Airport Starbucks

I have been warned by Starbucks. My information is not encrypted and might be intercepted by others. But here I am, like a bunch of others, signed into my blog.

I do not like a lot of things about information technology, and the way it has changed our lives, but I can’t complain against being able to blog while waiting for my flight at the airport.

A new year has begun today, the day I usually wish, pray, make resolutions. This year, I simply want to get by, to have little troubles and not big ones, small successes, peace.

I now know that I’m not the person to be tied down by discipline, so I’m content if I’m able to write something or the other each day. All I promise myself is that writing will have more importance in my life, that I will continue to call myself a writer, and be true to my profession.

It has been a long year, with long stretches gone by without a word on the page. It has been a year of bereavement, loss. But I’m happy that I’ve been able to wade through the blue fog and find light again, to find meaning in some things that had seemed meaningless just a few months ago.

I have realised that peace and happiness are within me, I only have to find them, and not let go.

This would hopefully permeate into my writing. Here’s wishing my fellow writers and bloggers a peaceful, productive new year.

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