Writing, not writing

Write every day, some people say. Some one I dearly love says I should give up all distractions and just concentrate on writing. Do you write these days, others ask.

What they don’t know is even though I’m not visibly writing, part of me is out there, taking notes, my brain is photographing away, and my imagination finds a story in each store or alleyway I visit.

I would have loved to do the 1000-word a day challenge, but right now it seems quite an uphill task. I have the intention, but I’ll either have to snip away a few activities or find a way to stretch my time. Am not sure which I’ll do in the end, but one thing I know, I’ll sit and write when the urge takes me, and forget all about the pile of laundry, my plants or pets, family or friends.

Today is one such day, when I’m going to switch off and write for at least a few hours, starting with the photo prompt in this post.

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  1. Damyanti

    Thanks Laura:)

    I did not take the photo, someone I know very well did.Its is somewhere in Nepal or Tibet, am not sure which. Probably the latter.

  2. Laura Elliott

    Good for you! Hope you are writing away. I love, love, love the photo, btw. Did you take it, and where in the world is it? I think photos are a great way to get into the mystery of the story that is waiting to introduce itself.