Writing on Donatella Versace and the Writing Life

A Photo Shoot At the Four Seasons in Tokyo
A Photo Shoot At the Four Seasons in Tokyo

The past two weeks have been marathon writing  and writing workshops, and before I can breathe, I have to load up on life and run. More writing tomorrow, a full weekend, not an entirely fit body and lots of emails, when all I want to do is curl up with a book and maybe fall asleep a while later.

And then there are the “Donatella Versace” searches on this blog, going through the roof. It happened in October, and now once again. I don’t know why all this new interest in her, maybe because her brand is gearing up to launch a new luxury phone? All I can do is guide people to this post on Versace.

The best I can do to evade the searches on Donatella is to post a pic from Tokyo, because “Tokyo” is the second largest keyword for the blog!  And now, back to my daily writing and work, work, work, work.

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