When writing is not a chore

Happiness is waking up in the morning and being able to do exactly what one wants. Which, in my case, is writing.

Earlier, when I had let it become something of a chore, my writing gave me no happiness. But nowadays, I’m fascinated with getting under the skin of a rather confused, fat, young male cleaner at the Singapore aquarium, or a gay woman who has lived a long married life, or a man who, as a boy, saw his best friend drown.

I’m not working to any deadlines, but there is a sense of urgency, because I want to know what happens next, and only sitting down at my writing each morning would tell me. Serial writing, heh.

I am a serious writer, and like all serious writers, would like to be published, i.e. read. A writing is never complete without its reading, but for now, I’m enjoying the writing process too much to wonder about what happens to it later.

I’m not sure that is necessarily a bad thing?

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  1. jaymiethorne

    I discovered more than joy in writing. I've spent years battling insomnia, visited several doctors, tried meds, homeopathic approaches – writing has the ability to bring me a peace which leads to sleep. Doesn't get much better. Glad to hear about the joy!

  2. scott g.f.bailey

    The main reason I write my imaginary tales down is so I can read them myself; I also want to know what happens to the characters. If there's no love of stories, of words and make-believe, why are any of us writing? So writing to find out what happens next is the best reason to write. It's the only truly noble reason.

  3. Damyanti

    Payton, thankyou…that's a cherished blessing you've given me 🙂

    foxandmaus, I'm glad you're outlining something. Having read your blog, I know you could go places in the writing world if you wanted to!

  4. foxandmaus

    No! Not a bad thing at all! Personally, I think it's the purist form of any art.

    Some time ago, I started writing a little something before heading into work one morning. I ended up playing hooky for the entire day and writing out a complete outline. Isn't it wonderful when it just flows?

  5. Payton L. Inkletter

    And may your source of happiness ever grow Damyanti!

    Keep diving in daily to the aeriform realms of intellectual reality, and weave your literary magic with the enchanting powers and mysterious principalities inhabiting those landscapes, nudging you here, drawing you there, challenging and inspiring you always.