Writing about writing in the head

Writing in the head can be quite a task.

I spent the whole day on my feet today, doing simultaneous technical interpretation. At a training. At a cigarette factory.

On one hand there was the noise above which everyone, including me, had to shout. Also the foreign words thrown at my poor brain, which sent it juggling and scrambling for equivalent English words.

But on the other hand, a part of me kept writing the story of a chain smoker, working at a cigarette factory, trying to quit.

Sometimes, living and writing in the head is the only way to make a long day go quicker. Now, off to bed, and write in my dreams.

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  1. scott g.f.bailey

    I do this all the time, and if I think it's a good story, I struggle to hold the entire thing in my head until I can get home and scribble it down, living in two worlds at once until then (the real world and the world of the story) and trying to attend to both.