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Writing ahead

Sometimes it is hard to write off the top of one’s head, especially after a large breakfast. All I want to do is go to the National Library and pore over a stack of books, but am instead holed up in my room, working. Well, preparing to work, anyway. Warming up. It is hard to warm up to the idea of writing endless emails.

But today I’m determined to print out the half-done stories as a reward for finishing the day’s work at blinding speed by lunchtime, (some hope, but well), and then carry the pieces to the library to finish.

Good plan, now to start working on it. In the meanwhile, leaving you guys with a link, in case you’re like me, still wondering about your most productive writing process.

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    • damyantig

      Turns out I did well. Almost. But not quite. Whatever. Ugh, it was that kind of day.

      …..You keep commenting everyday, and I often wonder how you find the time and energy to do it 😀