Writing about Love and Lust In Singapore

Imagine opening a book and finding your name under one of the stories published in it! I have imagined it the last two years, not with any conviction of it coming true, possibly somewhat like my fantasies of space travel during childhood.

But now, for the second time in a month, I have seen the cover for a book in which one of my stories would find a home. The first time was the cover on this page. Here’s the second one:

Love and Lust in SIngapore, by Monsoon Press
Love and Lust in SIngapore, by Monsoon Press

Love and Lust in Singapore is a collection of stories from some of the best known Singaporean writers, as is evident from all their interviews on the Love and Lust in Singapore blog, and their long CVs 🙂

I feel quite honoured, because I am such a beginner in comparison to some of the much published authors and poets in the anthology.

My story, though not explicit as indicated by the anthology title, is definitely my favorite of what I have written so far. It has been published before here on QLRS.

The proceeds from the book will all go towards charity, and so this book won’t bring me any money, but definitely a lot of happiness.

Am not really very obsessed with publication, the process of writing is its own reward. But it is always nice to be validated, and there is that sort of childish joy in seeing your name in print….:D

I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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    • Damyanti

      Thaks for stopping by, Lofter! So very nice to see you again!

      I will let you know as soon as it is available on Amazon. The book has just gone to print, and would take a few months before it is available online.

      Thanks for your words of support….since am not making any money at all on this, slaps on the back by friends counts a whole lot more 😉

    • Damyanti

      Thanks, Darc, and a big hug! And you’re an author too, with a published book, and what’s more you’re getting paid for it! I think there’s hope for us as authors 😀