Book Launch, Reading and Writing Binge, iPad

Life is crazy
Things are crazy!

I’m quite flummoxed by how so many days slip past before I think of posting on this blog.

I’m better at posting on Amlokiblogs these days.

Even when I post here, I’m just so engrossed in my life right now, that all I can come up with is a list:

1.I’m going for my first ever book launch where I’m going to be one of the authors, for Love and Lust in Singapore.

2. This is giving me a lot of butterflies.

3. To calm said butterflies, I’m reading.

4. I’ve read at least 4 books in the past week, which is high even by my standards. One of those had 600-odd pages.

5. I’ve been gifted an iPad, so I have more unread books than ever now.

6. I’ frustrated by how I can only browse and comment on the iPad, touchscreen writing is not my forte, except in very limited amounts.

7. I’m still blogfesting like crazy.

8. All this reading, writing, blogfesting has got to me. A stubborn, niggling flu has not helped either.

9. On a more cheerful note, my betta is eating again, and is thriving. Apparently had good reason to go on a fast…it had experienced radical changes in water temperature. I live and learn.

10. I wanted to end on a happy note, so my earlier point was my last one. But it feels better to have 10 points to a list, so there.

See you peeps again when I’m feeling less crazy…

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  1. Damyanti

    Thanks Gladys..I can’t seem to let go of books. Planning to spend the day at the library today.

    Thanks Darc! Will ask you to promote it when it is available on Amazon, it is for a good cause because the proceeds go to a charity that works for women’s literacy in Singapore.

  2. DarcKnyt

    I’m so happy for you Damyanti! I’m excited about your book release! I’ll try and promote it on my blog if I remember! What’s the exact date?