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Last three days have been a whirlwind, so of course the first thing that got tossed was blogging.

I came down from Malaysia to Singapore in time for the launch of the anthology “Love and Lust in Singapore” in which yours truly has a story, albeit the least steamy one, sigh. My co-writers, those who could make it, are a uber-talented and lively bunch, and it was cool to hang out with them.

And then the weekend went crazy, so I decided yesterday to get in some writing, and am happy to report I got in about 1500 words to complete the short story that has been hovering at various stages for the longest time. It is a 1st draft, warts and all, that needs lots of research to complete, but boy do I feel better for having completed it!
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BlogFeast…food blogfest hosted by Angela M. on 23rd September.
Happy Birthday Blogfest hosted by Michele Emrath on 24th September.
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