Booker Buzz and Writing Fast

I have not read “The Finkler Question” yet, but of course it will be in my “to-be-read” pile pretty soon.

For the time being, I feel happy listening to the winner, Howard Jacobson talking about his win.

I have done my writing for the day, a good 1500 words in about 2 hours of writing in between chats with other writers, surrounded by often- brilliant writing by them. I have always found that writing fast works for me, and I could well use some of the stuff I wrote today in my actual writing.

Now, off to do some much-postponed, and much-needed revision on one of my pieces. Me, the printed story and a stern red pen, I think. A coffee-shop to make the process less unpleasant. Wish me luck, and I promise to start again on my rounds of blog browsing tomorrow.

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