Reading non-stop, falling sick, reading, writing

I have been writing every few days this month, not as much as I would like, not by a long shot. Some people believe a little time away from writing is not such a bad thing, and I hope they are right.

But I have been reading a lot in bed, reading for pleasure, mind you, and been feeling a little guilty about it. At first, I was sick, then I was tending to the sick, so that was as good a reason as any to read for entertainment, and not enlightenment. Usually, my reading is a mix of the two.

I edited/proofread one of my pieces to be published in an upcoming anthology, and was surprised how much what I had read made me edit so much better. A less passive voice, more active/ varied verbs, sparing adjectives, adverbs only when needed. (The link is from an author who is busy eliminating adverbs!)I wonder if everyone feels that their reading affects their revision skills quite so directly.

I have been a tardy blogger, which is to say, I have not blogged at all. An an even tardier blog-visitor. (I found this useful post on writing and creativity though!)Hopefully that would change for the rest of the month.

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  1. Oh

    So glad you're feeling better and what a lovely thing to read to someone else you're taking care of. Who doesn't love to hear a story and a wonderful way to heal, by listening to a book being read. Far better than TV!!!

    As for being a tardy blogger, egads, we are all in that mode at one time or another. It happends. And time off allows one to return fresh and recharged.

    So glad you're back in the groove!

  2. monideepa sahu

    So You HAVE been writing, and self-editing, which is also very important.Some day you may be writing so much new fiction that you'll stray away from blogging more and more. But I know you'll continue to express yourself in words in fresh ways. All the best 🙂