Wish me Luck

Is this how it feels? Writing pages after pages in the head and not one word on paper…the way countless writer-bloggers talk about the frustration of the “inability-to-find-time-to-write” experience?

Most of the last month I’ve been longing to “get-away-from-it-all” and write, write, write…the only way to sanity in a completely insane world. (Or a completely insane head where story charcaters, and dreams and real people vie for attention all hours of day and night.) but life has taken me by the collars and has shaken me like a cat does a tiny dormouse in its teeth. My bones are rattled, and everything in my head is a mash. I’ve written a bit here and there, tried to keep up with daily writing, but nowhere near how much I wanted to.

So. I have forced myself to take a “writing-break” today, which means after finishing the endless household chores and calls and duties, I have a few hours of doing what I want to do, really. Get away from everyone and everything, no matter who or what, and just write.

So, with a firm step and a gleam in the eye, I leave home with all kinds of good intentions. (!!) Wish me luck.

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  1. Damyanti


    Not so well, as it turns out, especially cos I have gone and got myself the mother of all colds. But I'm not giving up, no.

  2. Oh

    update! update! how did it go, getting away for a few hours to write? Did it work? Do tell. I hear and feel your frustration. Sometimes all I get down on paper are a few sentences or a list of what I intend to write. And as the holidays approach, I feel a bit of a chokehold on my time.

    We can't give up! Press on, press on and share how you manage it and squeeze it in.

    I only know that the longer I go without writing a piece (albeit rough), the whackier my dreams get and the worse my sleep gets.