What activity in your life marries well with your writing?

Writing is like cooking.

Both are therapeutic, starting is the difficult part for either, experimentation usually brings exciting results, and you end up with your appetites satisfied.

Onward march, and more writing today as I wait for the dough to rise, so I can stomp it back down…and leave it to rise again! Baking and writing in alternate fashion is producing some very satisfactory results indeed.

What activity in your life marries well with your writing?

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  1. Damyanti

    Thanks for dropping by, and I'm quite thrilled my post inspired yours…and we must be kindred spirits cos here's a post on mind-mapping I did a while back: http://bit.ly/cUSuoK

    You have nice blogs, and I'm impressed you find the time to update them despite a busy family life!

  2. Archana Sarat

    You may find this funny… I find my writing to be best when I am looking after a kid below a year old.

    Sleepless nights patting and walking up and down with a wailing kid in my arms puts me into an 'artistic' coma the entire day that seems very feasible for my writing career. I land up with loads of fresh ideas and thoughts for stories and poems when I nurse my son in a half-dazed state. The only problem is with writing them down. Where's the time?

    And, even if I do find the time… I lose out on the flow. Just as I am coming to an interesting part, the baby wakes up or wants to be picked or has had an explosion in his diaper. Distractions are just too many…

    So, now I have started on a great idea to solve this… Check it out here http://seesawwriting.blogspot.com/2010/11/what-marries-well-with-my-writing.html