100 words for 100 dollars Blogfest

Elena Solodow is hosting the 100 words for 100 dollars Blogfest through the month of January.Objective: Write one 100-word sentence (with a 5-word leeway, so between 95 words or 105 words). You may use ONE semi-colon, if necessary. There is no genre. The only requirement is that you love it enough to post it on various social networking sites.Here is my entry, a sentence at 101 words:——————————————————————-
Soft sounds of clinking ice as a patron turns the long fat blue straw in his sweating drink and sucks in with a slurp which would hide behind all the other tiny sounds that chorus at this joint this late into the evening as shadows fall and conceal layer upon layer of sound perfectly audible in a silent room but now hidden in the bustle of people chatting and the music lilting away on its own; this is the essence of how it is to exist in one’s thoughts and let them flow into actions sliding into a rippling axis of synchronicity.
For rest of the info on the blogfest and to read the work of other participants, visit the 100 words for 100 dollars Blogfest page. The more people that join the blogfest, the higher the prize, so spread the word around 🙂

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  1. Madeleine

    Lots of interesting imagery in this piece. Wow I think writing a 100 word sentence would be a major challenge. Well done! :O)

  2. Damyanti

    Elena, really liked your idea 🙂

    L'Aussie, thanks! actually it is one of the sentences I pulled out of random writing practice I try to do every day….so no, haven't really worked hard at it. I liked its rhythm, in afterthought, and since it fit the bill, put it up for Elena's Blogfest 🙂

  3. L'Aussie

    You've obviously worked hard on this piece as I would have had to do to write a 100-word sentence. Beautifully lyrical. Loved it. I pulled out of this as I just couldn't concentrate on a sentence that long.