Writing Wednesdays: Write, don’t talk

I have broken my schedule on Monday because I was going crazy and travelling, though I think I’ll have quite a bit to talk about next week, having finished Parrot in the Oven by Victor Martinez, The Wind Singer by William Nicholson, and starting now on a collection of short stories by Kurt Vonnegut: Welcome to the Monkey House. This week I’ll finish a few more, and next week’s post should be fun!

For Writing Wednesday, I have to admit that I’m really more into writing now than I am into blogging. I started my days with speed-writing bursts like this one, and then spend my day spinning yarns.
I’m writing a lot in my head, and it needs to come out–and all I have to say is : Writing for an hour is better than talking about writing for ten. So I’m off to jot down the stuff I’m carrying about in my head that won’t let me sleep. And I need my sleep, I can tell you that.
See you here for Friday revisions, and since my internet here is not so good, I’ll have to do my blog browsing next week…I Will visit all my blog-friends and commenters. Eventually.
In the meanwhile, I’m curious. What are you writing? A novel, a story, a poem, a sequel to a novel, a memoir, an essay? I’d love to know.

I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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  1. mandarinblue

    I'm writing a novel, and happily, I have finagled my way into getting school credit for this, so I have the blessing of spending entire days at the keyboard when I get into the groove… which I find happens more often as I spend more time at the keyboard ^_^

  2. Madeline

    I'm writing seven hundred and fifty words worth of rants to clear my mind, short prose, a poem, and seven hundred fifty words of a novel's first revisions. All in one day. And then there are short stories every week. Gotta love the intensity. ;D Of course not much but the novel is taken too seriously. Good to see you're writing a bunch, too!