Re-visioning Fridays


I revised/ tweaked 3 stories in the last few days.

I had already submitted one of them to a publication, but since they and another publication both allow simultaneous submissions, I decided to submit the same piece.
Before I clicked the ‘Submit’ button, though, I decided to do a read-through. Before long, I was making changes. Small ones, but quite a few. Nothing was wrong, really, but some things could be bettered.
While I agree with the precept of “polish till it shines”, I wonder how long a writer should keep polishing, and when does the, moment to click “send” arrive?
As writers, till what point do you tweak your work?

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  1. Elizabeth Twist

    I usually don't hyper polish a piece the first time I send it out. Grammar and spelling, style, and everything that should be right is as right as I can make it.

    When a piece is rejected, I'll give it a once over before I send it out again. Sometimes it's fine. Sometimes I'll end up finding a gaping plot hole.

    C'est la vie!

  2. Damyanti

    Janna, I'm pretty much like you 🙂

    Elizabeth, out of hands, out of mind is pretty much my motto :). I take care not to submit to the same place twice, but other than that, I forget about it!

  3. jannatwrites

    I like to edit a story and then leave a story alone for bit and then come back to it and read it aloud. If it passes the out-loud reading test, then I'm comfortable enough to send it out.

    Given the opportunity, I will over-polish a story until I can't bring myself to read it anymore.