Reading Mondays: Have you read these A-Z posts?

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Life has picked me up by my ponytail, and is enjoying giving me a shake or two. My muse had been missing for a while, not just on vacation, but entirely MIA. But now, thanks to the A-Z challenge (If you don’t know what that is, and love blogging, you must check it out), I’m stumbling back into writing.

But, as to reading, I’m afraid it has all been blogs of the selfsame challenge, because if people comment on my blog, I make it a point to go read them, and comment on their blogs. So for this month, I’ll mostly be doing my Reading Mondays posts on A-Z posts I really liked.

I’ll choose six each time (and though it is only my subjective opinion, it says something that I remembered these amongst the 200-odd A-Z posts I’ve read till now).

A is for April 1st by Patricia Lynne : Go read the post. It gave me such a surprise, and no, it is not an April fool’s joke. At least according to Patricia.

The Letter A by Christina : I love this lady’s voice. I wonder what kind of fiction she would write.

A is for After by Gabrielle: Any writer who’s also a Mom would understand what this post is about. I’m not a mom, but I feel this post too.

BUMS in seats by Jan Morrison: This post should be read by all aspiring writers. Period.
C is for Curses by L.A. Colvin: I love the curses!
Agonizingly Happy by Alex Fayle: An unexpected sort of story on Happiness.

I’m writing flash fiction pieces on all 26 days, based on prompts given by readers. I still need prompts from I to Z, so toss them at me. I’ll give you credit and link you, of course! I’m tweeting A to Z posts at #atozchallenge: mine, and the others’ I like. And there’s also the Twitter A toZ Challenge Daily. Thanks and shout-outs to organisers Arlee Bird (Tossing It Out) , Jeffrey Beesler’s (World of the Scribe), Alex J. Cavanaugh (Alex J. Cavanaugh) , Jen Daiker ( Unedited), Candace Ganger (The Misadventures in Candyland) , Karen J Gowen (Coming Down the Mountain) , Talli Roland , Stephen Tremp (Breakthrough Blogs )

I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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  1. Roland D. Yeomans

    Time is so limited for me as a rare blood courier and trying to write two novels at once. (Never do that to yourself!)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I didn't sign up officially for the A to Z challenge because I knew I could not visit as much as the rules dictate.

    Like you, I try to visit those who visit me. Common courtesy, right? =)

    There is a free application for "Kindle for iPad"

    How neat is that? Have a great day, Roland