Reading Mondays: A-Z posts, again!

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For reading Mondays, I’ll talk a little about “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
I have just started reading the book, which is the account of one particular day in the life of a prisoner in Siberian concentration camps in Stalin’s era. It ought to be a bleak book, and talks about tremendous suffering, but somehow, it does not feel heavy—it shows how the human perception of what is normal may change over time, and how hope may blossom in unexpected places. Of course, the work and its author became famous in the West because the book has a distinct anti-communist/ anti-socialist tilt, but it goes beyond that.
Hope to finish it in a day or two, because I’m still trying to catch up with as many A-Z blogs as I can, and that takes time.
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  1. shoreacres

    Ivan Denisovich was a part of my growing up – everyone read the book, and there were adapted stories galore based on it.

    The A-Z Challenge looks interesting, but way beyond my ability to commit to, so I'll content myself with browsing what you've done and how you finish it up.

    It looks to me like BUMS in Seats might be right up my alley and support some of my prejudices about the writing life. But I'll go see!