A-Z: Z is for Zone

Writing prompt: ZONE

Provided by:  Claire Goverts,
a fellow A-Z challenge participant, yet again. Please visit her excellent blog. Thanks Claire, this is the 3rd or 4th of your prompts I have used. All letters done, now looking forward to the May 2nd Mega Blog!

Genre: Fiction


With sacred rites we burn her. The funeral pyre sings and crackles in the riverside air.

This is what we come to, this cliche of ashes and dust. Our body hears nothing, sees nothing, feels nothing, just lies there and burns, spreading into the air in specks, and soon there is nothing where there was a person.

I sit down on the ground, Indian squat style, knees bent to my chest, my feet planted on the ground and feel the muscles in my thighs strain and pull against my skin. My eyes tear up from the smoke, and the stench of burning flesh pushes into me, under the incense, the sandalwood and the clarified butter we have offered the fire.

This is what it is to be alive, this moment when I can breathe, swallow, clench, scream. My love is floating around me, I’m breathing her in as I inhale the smoke, taste her ashes on my tongue. She has left me and joined me in many strange ways at the same time: she was my wife, but now she has become the air around me, my zone.

I take a step, then another one, faster and faster, I’m alive, and she within me. There’s a dazing whirl in my eyes as I run.


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  1. Damyanti

    Thanks to each and every one of you, can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

    Charles, yes, I feel good about finishing, and even better about the fact that you think that the writing was worthwhile.

    Lee, will mail you soon. I might be late on the reflections post cos am travelling, but I’ll do it.

    Petra, Patricia, Nicole, Stuart, you people have been so kind throughout the challenge. Thank you.

    Elizabeth, thanks for the award! Will pick it up and pass it on as soon as I go back home, and have time and more internet 🙂

  2. Nicole/MadlabPost

    This story was so descriptive to read and you seem to know how to take people into the scene where they can become the main character in the story. At first, it was uncomfortable to read because of what was going on but then it became sort of spiritual and it a nice depiction of how people have lost loved ones, yet still feel as if these loved ones become part of them even though the loved ones are no longer her in the flesh.

    Nice way to end the A to Z Challenge using this “Zone” prompt.

  3. bronxboy55

    I hope you’re feeling a great sense of accomplishment for what you’ve done, as well as a boost in confidence for what you will do. Just completing this task on any level would have been admirable. But to have produced the body of work you’ve written is astonishing.

  4. bornstoryteller

    so powerful in just such a short burst. Clarified butter…chilling in the midst of the rite, to think like that. Yes, it brought me images of my father’s stories of Auschwitz. Connections. Thank you.