Back Again and Thank-yous

I talk quite a bit on this blog, post pieces of my writing and so on, but mostly I keep it impersonal. In that spirit, I wrote my last post about seeing the world from a wheelchair…and  my post was all about being grateful.

Then of course, I went into a funk, and offline.

I started on a short story and finished it in a week. It could possibly be the best I’ve written so far, (or the worst,) but it certainly was the most difficult. I had to go off the internet on my laptop, and shut myself in a room every chance I got.

Which means I did not check my blog the last few days.

And now that I did, I’m moved by the outpouring of generosity, kindness and concern from my blog friends.

To answer everyone, I am back on my feet, I have chronic problem/s, which would require moderately ugly shoes and a restricted diet, but other than that I’m good. I’d rather not go into details here, so as not to bog down the blog with my health issues 🙂

Thanks go to everyone who took the time to ask what was wrong and wish me well, I’m grateful to have each one of you on my blog, and as a consequence, in my life.

Thanks also for reminding me that my online existence is an inseparable part of who I am, and that I can’t just write about me being in a wheelchair on this blog, then waltz off and  expect everyone to take it in a theoretical sense… virtual life is very  real in some ways.

Special Thanks to Stuart, who gave me such a wonderful shout out on his blog about this space and also about the A-Z ebook I’m working on, and also to J.C. Martin, for publishing this interview based on Stories for Sendai.

I think I’m back again… and I think I’m happier than usual to be back. I missed you all—- I did not know how much till I read your comments. Thankyou.

I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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  1. indigo bunting

    See? This is what I miss by feeling intimidated. I do hope all is well.

  2. msloftis

    continue on…. may writing bring you comfort and strength. I sometimes have to take a break from my blog to handle things on the home front.

  3. Pen Palatable

    Damyanti, I am very excited on two fronts. First, making a new friend, and two, hearing news of your averted illness. Stay strong, follow the doctor’s orders and use your time productively. I am greatful to have run across your blog, and rate it A+.

    • Damyanti

      Thanks, Petra. That story is for a particular call for submissions, so I can’t post it here. Will let you know if it finds a home though!

  4. DarcKnyt

    I’m very glad you’re feeling better, Damyanti, and I have missed you. It will be nice to see you about the cyber-verse again.

    Hugs from many time zones away.

  5. PencilGirl

    Hey there… I’ve been offline for a while as well, and seem to have missed a lot in the meantime. :
    Glad you’re better now.. 🙂 🙂 And stay better. 😀

  6. monideepa

    yay! welcome back. Look forward to more and even better stories from you. BTW, I contacted Mr Srikant Kolari, the photographer of the tsunami coast and Kashmir, whose interview you had liked on my blog. He seemed quite open to the idea of an artistic collaboration.