A Drabble for Terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge

Chuck Wendig holds a Flash Fiction Challenge each Friday, and this is the second time I’m participating.

Since drabbles are my current love, (and Chuck seems to have set no lower word limit) I’ve made it a drabble, based on the picture he has kindly provided us:

Hourglasses and blasts and deaths
The Winner at the Ball

The only remarkable thing about Miranda was her voice like coarse sugar, which proved to be her undoing at the  Annual Charity Halloweeen Ball. The minute she spoke they knew who she was. She never won any prizes.

One year she went clad in a fencing costume with the back of her head split open, dripping blood. Every time someone spoke to her, she coughed and removed a bloodied handkerchief from her lips.

Since no one wanted the handsome carpet ruined by too much blood, they declared the winner early. She went up to the dais, and fell down, quite dead.

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  1. Jackie Jordan

    Damyanti, please help me. I wrote a piece for the contest, searched the website, and still cannot figure out how to submit my work. This particular challenge could not be found at terribleminds.com. I feel so green in the blogworld…. Please save me from wasting my piece. Thank you in advance. Jackie
    FYI…My girls would die if they knew that I used my real name. They said that I would get murdered if I did! Kids! LOL!

  2. helenofmarlowe

    A drabble — I didn’t know that word. Had to look it up. (And then noticed you had made a link — oh well.) You’ve made every word count, and a drabble would certainly train a writer to do that. Good tight story.