Reaching for writing

The last few days have been dark, with the passing of a family friend. Death is inevitable, I know that, and it is no respecter of age, I know that too. But knowledge and acceptance are two different things.

The weekend went by in a haze of cooking and reading, anything to take myself away from my own thoughts.

Last evening, I went to watch the Lion King musical, an explosion of music and colors—and most importantly (to me), lessons on the circle of life. I only wish I had learned it as well as young Cimba.

I’m still restless for a dozen other reasons, which won’t let me reach my meditation, my writing.

I’m going out for some time, a book and some writing material in hand, and hopefully things will begin to make better sense soon.

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  1. Gladys Hobson

    Put your rambling thoughts on paper. Let them flow. If you have tears let them flow too.
    If there are things you would like to have said to this friend write them also.
    Eventually you will be able to write something beautiful that you can share with many, and so your friend will live on and you, and others, will smile at the remembrance.

  2. Marian Allen

    I’m sorry for your loss. There are no words of consolation. I wish I could give you a hug and walk silently by your side and listen if you wanted to talk about your friend. <3

  3. bornstoryteller

    Damyanti, my condolences. Yeah, we all know death is inevitable, but our hold on life and loves makes it hard at times. We can only just Do.
    Hope your walk helped.