What is a Writer to Do to Keep Sane, I Ask You?

Write a book, write short stories, whatever, you got to promote the stuff. Doesn’t matter if you’re traditionally published, or self published, that is the deal.

Get on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your blog, the #writecampaign …and send your message across—I have a book out, buy it!

I’m not very comfortable with this role, but with my ebook out, I’ve decided to train myself, keep burnout at bay. But, I’m going a little insane…how is a writer to keep sane, I ask you?

If you’re a writer, how do you promote yourself? Do you find it easy or difficult? Want to share some tips?

In other news:

Arlee Bird tells us at Daily (W)rite why Blogfests are such a big deal, go check what he has to say.

Our month-long fiction blogfest The Rule of Three is up and about. Sign up if you’re a writer and wan’t to show off your chops.

Meet the folks that made it happen:
Lisa,  who organized all the ebook prizes

Portia, the talented designer who created our badge
Stuart, who created the world and its rules, and
yours truly, who pottered around, and got in the way. (Ah, well, someone’s gotta do the hard part!) 
The First Rule of Three Writing Prompt is up, and if you have signed up already, you have till October 5th to plot the story in our fictional world. Can’t wait to see what stories different Genre Writers come up with in the shared-world setting!

If you’re a writer and haven’t signed up yet, why-ever not ?? Submit to the The Rule of Three immediately! 🙂

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  1. Rosalind Adam

    There's a fine line between social networking promoting your work and social networking taking over from your work. Funnily enough I too have just posted up a blog about self-promotion – great minds think alike!

  2. K

    The crazier the number of social media outlets gets, the more insane I feel in trying to promote my platform as a writer. I just can't keep up with it all, and yet it seems like everyone else is doing it. I find it hard enough being somewhat shy to promote myself, but then to have all of the different areas to promote my writing in makes it much harder. To get through it all I am trying to just build strong connections with writers I respect, hoping that some day in the future if I have a book on the market they may be able to help me, just like I will help them, too.