Guest Post by Author Marian Allen: Things my dog has taught me about writing

One of the biggest gifts I’ve received from the A to Z Challenge, and my resultant collection A to Z Stories of Life and Death, has been the kind and gracious author-friends I got to meet in the process. Marian Allen was one of the first of these friends to suggest I put together the A to Z stories, and for that I would be forever grateful.

She has supported me ever since, including this guest post she hosted yesterday. Today, she shares with us some great writing advice in her inimitable style. So take it away, Marian!



When my oldest grandson was little, he got a puppy from a box of puppies in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. The puppy grew to be too big for the house, and we took it to live with us in the country.

Now, eleven years later, Joe is still with us. He gives the deliverymen and my mother’s friends merry hell no matter how often he sees them, but let a deer or a rabbit head for the garden and he throws a white cloth over his arm and says, “Where would you like to be seated today?”

We feed him, go for walks, throw sticks, take him to the vet, provide shelter–and, after eleven years, he’s still our oldest grandson’s dog. He loves us, but he’s NUTS about that man.

Things my oldest grandson’s dog has taught me about writing:

  •     Sometimes a project outgrows your plans for it.
  •     If a project doesn’t fit one place, that doesn’t mean there’s no place for it. It just needs to find the right home.
  •     Your project will probably not do or be what you want it to do or be.
  •     A project is never “over”. After you finish writing it, you have to edit it. Then you have to polish it. And again. And again. Then you submit it. If you sell it, you have to edit it and polish it some more. Then you have to market it. In these days of author-marketing and never-out-of-print POD/eBooks, that never quits.
  •     Your book or story might be out in the world and other people may buy it and read it, love it or hate it, recommend it or warn against it, review it, feature it, parody it or rip it off, but it will always be YOURS. Go ahead and love it.

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Marian Allen
Marian Allen

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  1. Damyanti

    Thanks Marian, for being such a gracious guest, and thank you to everyone who stopped by to comment. I’ll be returning visits soon!

  2. Marian Allen

    Thanks, Stina. 🙂 Joe has learned that my mother is NOT a vegetarian, so he makes sure to visit her at least once a day for meaty treats. 🙂

  3. Marian Allen

    Chris, sometimes Joe is TOO friendly, like when he jumps on you with muddy paws. He’s so big, if he jumps on you, you know you’ve been jumped on! 🙂

  4. Chris

    Joe looks like a friendly dog with loads of spirit. First time visitor to your blog look forward to returning. TFs

    • Marian Allen

      Carole, I’ve found that to be the case SO many times! A story one editor rejects turns out to be exactly what another has been looking for. 🙂

  5. Marian Allen

    Jocelyn, I’m glad to meet another dog lover! I love cats, too, but there’s something intensely satisfying to me about having that big old heavy guy lean up against my legs when I pat him. 🙂

  6. Marian Allen

    MPax, I’m a firm believer in not giving up on a project you believe in. If there’s no home for it now, that doesn’t mean one isn’t being built while other places are turning it down.

  7. Marian Allen

    Arlee, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who starts out thinking I’m going to write a sappy love story and ends up writing horror! lol! Our subconscious minds have (as my mother puts it) lots of little fish swimming around in them, and we never know what little fish is going to come grab our hooks.

  8. Jocelyn Rish

    Really great reminders about writing that we need to tell ourselves again and again delivered via a fun dog story. This dog-loving writer approves!

  9. Arlee Bird

    Marian, you are so right about projects. We can and should have expectations in regard to anything we do, but we should always prepared for surprises. Once you start into something you often don’t know exactly how it’s going to end up

    Tossing It Out

  10. Beverly Diehl

    So happy to find that sometimes when a dog has “gone to live i the country,” he really HAS gone to live in the country.

    Loved this lesson from Joe “If a project doesn’t fit one place, that doesn’t mean there’s no place for it. It just needs to find the right home.” May all our projects find the right homes!