5 Things Writers Do That IRRITATE Me

 I’m part of the writing community for a while now, and I have to say that 99% of the writers I’ve met have been solid gold in terms of professional courtesy.

But lately, I’ve been encountering the 1% that is annoying the hell out of me, and for possibly the first time on this blog, this is a Rant. I know most writers don’t do any of the following, but this is addressed to those who do. I need to figure out if I’m the only one who’s irritated with the following set of behaviors.

I’m tired of writers who:

1. Relentlessly hawk their book on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Blog
I get it. You want us to find your book. But it is irritating to find only your book whenever we come across you on the www. I’m sure I’ve ignored perfectly good books because their authors bombarded me with mails and non-stop social media campaigns. Be subtle, find the golden mean. You’re a writer. It shouldn’t be too difficult.

2. Auto DM me on Twitter the minute I follow them: Yes you would like me to Like your FB page, comment on your blog, bring you a bouquet of roses, whatever. But can you wait to strike up a conversation, get to know me, before trying to plaster your face all over my internet?

3. Send me review copies of their book without asking me first: Sure, you want to be reviewed. Who doesn’t? Ask me to review it, and if I can, I’ll do it. Send me a reminder, or two. But do you have to foist a book on me without any preamble and then bug me Every Other Day on Twitter or email asking me when I’d review you?

4. Guest post on my blog, but neither promote it nor respond to Comments: You’re the guest on my blog….do your best to attract an audience for yourself. I’m doing my best to promote it, but I can’t be the spammer I hate. Do your bit, please. Also, respond to the comments addressed to you. It is not only polite, but also the only professional thing to do.

5. Never respond to critiques: If you’ve asked for a critique and received it, be decent enough to thank the person who took the time to read your novel/ story/screenplay. You may not like what they said about your work, but that is no reason not to be gracious.

Right. Rant over.

Do you disagree with any of the points I’ve made? Have you come across such behavior in writers and been annoyed with it? Am I the only mad crazy hatter, getting annoyed all by myself?

As a writer, do you support any of these ‘writer-behaviors’?

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