4th Anniversary- Daily (w)rite Turns 4!

Book of Short Fiction
Book of Short Fiction

I started writing fiction nearly four years ago, in April 2008, and that was the year I also started this blog, as a place where I would post something every day—ah,well, as often as possible.

I was going through my old anniversary posts and here’s what I said over the years:

2011,  I said: It IS nice to go back and read my old posts, and comments by readers, and I hope I can carry this blog another year!

2010, I said: There would be light and shade, and at least 20 posts a month! (sigh…tall order) And there would be travel posts, mixed up with writing posts, depending on where I go, and what I do. So, hopefully, I’ll have a third anniversary post, eh, and other anniversaries afterwards? :D

2009, I said: I want to keep up this blog for as long as I can; and I want to watch myself grow, become a little smarter, a little wiser, more intuitive, with each day, each month, each year, each post.

So here I am, and this is how the blog did last year.

This year I made more of an effort, wrote a fair bit of fiction on the blog as well.

I took part in the A to Z Blogging challenge, which means I blogged 26 days in April. That adventure, surprisingly enough, led to the book: A to Z Stories of Life and Death, which, to my utter amazement, continues to sell to this day, without much promotion, if any.

2011 was a long year, personally, and an average year, writing wise.

But I’ve stuck to fiction, written bunches, published some.

And just like I did three years ago, I find myself eager to ‘watch myself grow, become a little smarter, a little wiser, more intuitive, with each day, each month, each year, each post.’


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  1. bronxboy55

    Your writing inspires me to work harder at my own, even as I celebrate your successes. The person you are arouses in me feelings of loyalty and caring. Taken all together, those things make it hard to resist visiting your blog and reading your words. Congratulations on this fourth anniversary, Damyanti. And I know this year will be the best one yet.

    • Damyanti

      Charles, I love you, big bro. Only you can say these really nice things to me, which make me feel better than I am, wiser than I am.

  2. Marian Allen

    I’m SO glad you started the blog, and continued the blog, and participated in the A-to-Z blogfest! Life is just a lot better with Damyanti in it. 🙂

  3. DarcKnyt

    Happy blogiversary, Damyanti! I’m looking forward to many more years of your great work and interesting anecdotes. 🙂

    • Damyanti

      Thanks, my oldest blog-friend! Not oldest age-wise..but the one I’ve known longest through this blog. :). Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    • Damyanti

      Thanks Stu, I hope I continue to enjoy it for a long while. Very few things I really enjoy these days, besides writing.

    • Damyanti

      Lee, I haven’t done half as good a job as I could have done..but I guess I can only improve! Sorry about completely missing out on when you put my Reflections post up…December was a sort of confusing month for me. Will strive to be a dutiful A-Z host.