G for Gossip is a Cruel Story: #atozchallenge Fiction

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Today’s wonderful photo prompt comes from Julie Jordan Scott and to go with it I have chosen a prompt (in bold at the beginning of the story) by good friend and fellow writer/blogger Michelle Wallace. No particular reason other than that I’m a naive upstart with a taste for challenges, and an unshakeable faith in the capability of a story to write itself! Here goes:

Gossip is a cruel story that runs on wheels, smashing everything in its path— people, hearts, careers, lives.  

I’m the exception, thought Lisa, , walking through the rolling fields of grass, I’ll live. The afternoon sun kissed her pretty but weathered face much as her husband had done minutes before, when he’d strolled off, sated, for a cigarette. 

This whole picnic was his idea. The wine, the satin sheets, the velvet cushions, the lovemaking under open skies in broad daylight, all in an attempt at leaving everything behind after a nightmarish year.

 She kept walking, her eyes dazed by the sun, her bare legs scratched by the drying grass, her eyes seeking the horizon where sky met ocean, far below.

But as she walked, she saw her girl dancing ahead of her, her gangly thirteen-year-old legs skipping her ahead like a grasshopper, then fading like a mist in the seaside air. Her girl would never walk in this warm grass, never feel this breeze in her hair, never watch eagles wheeling in the blue air, nor hear their piercing cries.

Because her friend had proven to be not her friend, Lisa’s only child had chosen to hang herself rather than face a loveless world. A few facebook messages from a gang of tramps pretending to be a boy in her school had driven that little girl to distraction. Jeers, taunts and gossip had done the rest.

Lisa turned to look for her husband, as she balanced at the edge. She saw rather than heard the surf on the rocks far below.  Her daughter would never know the thrill of kicking pebbles down and watch them melt into the distance, nor stand in awe of that pounding surf that would one day reduce those rocks to dust.

When Lisa fell, it was somewhere between intention and accident. She was not the exception, after all.


A to Z Stories of Life and Death

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  1. Jenni Steel

    What a beautiful story yet so heart wrenching.

    It is true however such a pity these cruel words need to be spoken at all.

    Having the a cruel thought is damaging itself, without giving it a direction!

  2. Damyanti

    Thanks everyone once again for the generous comments–I'm on a roll with thee sad stories—hope the sadness will reduce as we make our way to Z!

  3. M. J. Joachim

    Can't stand gossip! It's good that you wrote about it, as this is an important issue to be addressed in our world. I'm particularly glad that you mentioned facebook (and social networking) gossip. Gossip has the power to destroy people, and many of its victims will never be the same again. Thank you!

  4. jabblog

    An open verdict – poor Lisa. I can't imagine the pain and the turmoil that afflicts the mother of a child driven to suicide.

  5. Munir

    Like Michael says I do not worry about what people think of me. The fact is no matter what we do, there will always be some one to gossip and talk against people. So why worry?

  6. DJ

    Hey read all of your A to Z posts. I am at loss of words to describe how good your stories are. All I can say is I will remember each of them for a really long time for they have a high surprise element, sad or sweet, but quite hair-raising. A quality that writers struggle hard to achieve, but it comes so naturally to your masterpieces 🙂

  7. Beverly Diehl

    Love the way the ending is a callback to the beginning, and it's really unclear if it was accident, or intentional.

    Losing a child is probably the hardest thing any parent will ever face – losing one in a particularly ugly way, even worse. Great little short story.

  8. Gossip_Grl

    Loved this story. Even though I thought it would end on a romantic note, it really hit close to home. I live in a small town and we had 5young children last year lose their lives for this very reason.

  9. sallyallbright

    I love this story! If…strike that… when I make it through this challenge, I would like to do next years the same way you did… with short stories.

  10. Cheryl Klarich

    I can only pray, when I hear these sad, sad, tales.

    That they fall straight into the arms of Jesus and that those left behind can still find the beauty in this fallen world.

  11. icetea

    Extremely thought provoking and very touching. In today's society everyone knows about bullying but there are only a few people that are willing to do something real to stop it.

  12. Kelly Stilwell

    Heartbreaking, especially after hearing of the girl in CA who is missing, supposedly after an internet prompted meeting.
    Very creative though, and I enjoyed your story for "f" as well. Thanks!

  13. Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate

    I gossip all the time with Matthew MacNish. We cluck like hens and talk trash about ppl like it's no tomorrow.

    Only here's the rub…I could be lying.

    You will never know the truth.

    But maybe you should gossip about it. I'd like to know I was the topic of conversation. When it boils down to it, I honestly don't care what people think of me.

  14. Damyanti

    Paula, Anna, Marian, thanks!!

    To everyone: PLEASE ensure you leave a good link to your posts so I can visit you back. Those who have changed to the new blogger are leaving their Google+ profiles, but since I am not on Google plus with this account, I can't find you.

    As a co-host for this challenge, am too overwhelmed to google those I can't find immediately.

    Thanks for your understanding 🙂