H for He Stood Back: #atozchallenge Fiction

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Today’s picture prompt and story starter (at the beginning of the story in bold) come from the awesome  Donna B McNicol
and I chose them because the picture spoke to me, telling me what it wanted me to write. I simply obeyed, and here’s what came out.

He stood back to admire his handiwork.
Each doll had had her own story to tell as she sat on his wife’s playroom shelf, the child-woman he had married twenty years ago. He had finally brought them down from the pedestals his wife had put them on, and shown them their place.

When she wasn’t bedridden, she found time to comb their hair, brush their dresses, paint their nails and pouts, but not for cooking him a pot of stew, or mending his shirts, or helping him at the shop. 

Beauty on the outside repelled him, be it his mother, the sluts he hunted, or these dolls. His wife’s deformity had saved her. 

Now that she no longer stood between him and the blasted dolls, his hands got down to what they had itched to do over the years– tear them, strip them and dump them, the pieces of junk that they were. Much like what he had done to the sluts of this town. His sweet little town had been so much the cleaner for his life’s work, and didn’t even know it.

He stepped back in to the house, away from the dolls, then looked back to admire the sight once more. If anything, this is what he liked about this doll’s graveyard—the fact that he could lay it out in his back garden, in plain sight. Not like the one by the river for the sluts who didn’t deserve a decent burial, but got one all the same. Well, work was work. If it needed to be done on the quiet with no one the wiser, so be it.

Full of pious intentions, he clicked the back door shut. It was evening, time for the sluts to be about. The town needed him to go hunting tonight. 
A to Z Stories of Life and Death
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  1. Damyanti

    Thanks everyone, once again for the lovely comments. This one was meant to be a snapshot of a serial-killer's mind—cliched, I know, but challenging for me to do in a short space.

    I'm not in love with the end result, but it was good practice.

    Donna, the story mostly owes to your pic, and then of course, your story starter.

    Jericha, yes, it is forgivable as micro-fiction 🙂

    Lilia–the whole idea of flash is to say a lot in a few lines—but I;ve done a much better job in the serial killer in my A-Z book–Y for Youth. But I love the practice AZ gives me–it is time-bound, and I have no control over the prompts.

  2. Donna B. McNicol

    Thanks for choosing my photo/prompt and congrats on a story that gave me chills. You REALLY need to take this one and run with it…I can see a great novella without any problem, even a book. Go for it!!

  3. Rhia Roberts

    Oh, scary. This is the type of book that I can't put down because I have to finish it before going to sleep! Thank you for coming by my blog.
    Rhia from Five Minute Piece for Inspiration (around #862 on A to Z list)

  4. Julie Jordan Scott

    Wow. This is intense intense intense.

    The image… yowza… I am still quivering over here!

    My A-Z blog is not a blogger blog, so I have a link directly to it below….on the line saying "H is for Hilda."

    Julie Jordan Scott
    Fellow A to Z Challenge Participant
    H is for Hilda/HD
    On a Mission to Spread Word-Love Throughout the World

  5. Jericha Senyak

    Yipes, FASCINATING. Love that this is a fragment, actually – I fell like there's so much more story in here for its shortness. I'm guessing I might roll my eyes if this was a full-length novel, but as a piece of microfiction it's got everything I want: drama, hints, just enough characterization, a story that opens out around the edges.