Don’t Look Out, Look In

At a crossroad...
At a crossroad…

If I took a picture of my brain right now, it would show up somewhat like the image on the left.

I’m so confused these days on so many levels, real and fictional, that all I can do is curl up and brood.

No wonder then, that my blog has taken a month-long hiatus, without me knowing anything about it.

I’m tending towards famed dog-whisperer Cesar Millan’s advice to a client who has problems with dog-walking– “When you walk, don’t look out, look in.”

That’s what I’m trying to do, look in.

See you on the other side, as soon as I emerge, maybe in a month or two. Till then, I’m shutting shop.

Here’s hoping I don’t get lost.

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  1. Gladys Hobson

    I guess it is a month since you wrote this post. Maybe you are about to return? I hope so. Now I have finished writing a novel, after saying I would never write another one, I look forward to reading your excellent posts. Most of us need a prompt — something or someone to give us that little push in the right direction. It came for me when I was asked if I would write a novel based on a short story I submitted for an anthology. It was jolly hard work after quite a few years of only writing a few short stories. (My last novel was written in 2004 with changes and new editions up to over a year ago.) Is the book any good? Well reading the manuscript kept a disabled friend highly entertained right up to the last page. The book will be published later this year. Even if it does not sell, it will have been worthwhile. Like you with the swimming, the ‘doing of’ is an achievement in itself.
    By all means ‘look inside’ — a story is there, waiting to be written.
    Now I must finish reading your wonderful short stories. So many things have to be put on one side when I have to concentrate on a big project. An age thing, I expect.
    Best of luck, Damyanti. You are an inspiration to others, just as you are to me.

  2. Marian Allen

    I’ll be here whenever you get back. Miss you when you’re gone, but I’ll be thinking about your recharging your batteries. {{hugs}}