“I don’t like to write, but I love to have written.”

That is absolutely my state of mind these days.

I’ve torn a few ligaments and muscles on my right foot which has kept me off my feet for a while. It has stuck me to my keyboard, which should have resulted in 2000 words a day at the least, right?
But my Muse has decided to leave me alone– I’m sure it will come right back when I’m running around amid a million chores, with no time to pay it any attention.

So, I’m plodding along, a few hundred words a day instead of the few thousand I could easily be writing.
Have you ever not liked the process of writing?
I’m guest-posting today at the A to Z Challenge Blog.

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  1. Bethany Dean

    Ouch! I hope your foot's okay!

    I enjoy writing very sporadically, usually when I'm in the 'flow' and doing well, when the plot's clear to me and I know where I'm going. Sitting down to write in the first place, beginning a new chapter or trying to figure out the end of a novel leaves me cold. I have to force myself because I refuse to admit – I hate writing!


  2. Lauren

    This is very much my situation right now. Where is all that written work that's supposed to be there? Oh right, still in my head… 🙂

  3. michelle

    Sorry about your foot…
    …and just when you're in THE perfect position to churn out thousands of words, the muse plays up!
    *I'm sending positivity all the way across the blogisphere—WHOOSH—*

  4. Tonja

    I think it's difficult when I can't see the finish line. I try to break it into smaller pieces to give myself a feeling I'm accomplishing something (which I am not this week). I think it's hard to write when you're in pain or on pain meds. Maybe just take a break.

  5. KarenG

    I only like writing when I"m in the final stages of revision and I can see it come together. Before that all I see is garbage and no, I don't like that.

  6. Mina Lobo

    LOL at your blog title today. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Oh, yes.

    Hope you're on the mend and can coax the Muse back while you've got the time. Have you tried tempting her with mojitos? Those always work on me. 🙂
    Some Dark Romantic

  7. Loree Huebner

    I'm sorry to hear about your foot. I hope it mends quickly.

    Writing is work…sometimes we just don't feel like working. Don't pressure yourself.

  8. natz

    Oh dear.
    *sends healing vibes*
    You can borrow my Muse for a while. I don't have any spare time for him right now. :p