I'm In the Here and Now : 5th Blog Anniversary

I'm in the here and now: 5th Blogiversary
I’m in the here and now: 5th Blogiversary

All of the last four anniversaries, I’ve dwelled on the past, and wondered about the future.

This year, I’m in the here and now.



My mantra:

I have arrived, I am home

In the here, in the now.

I am solid, I am free.

In the ultimate I dwell.

This is my meditation since the last week, and it has brought me so much peace, I’ve decided to make it the mantra of my life.

The author of the book this is from, Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese monk, says:

“Hold fast to these words, and you’ll be able to establish your presence solidly in the present, just as when you hold on to a railing while climbing stairs, you never fall.”

This is what I want for my life, and my blogging — to be home each moment, in the here and now. So Here I am, Now. And that is all.

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