The Kind of Days for Which I Write

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. ~Rumi

This was my writing meditation for today, and it worked.

I focused on the joy of writing, of ‘fading out’ myself and my issues, and letting the characters take on color and light. 1200 words leaped on to the page, and came alive.

Today was the kind of day for which I write.

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  1. Tonja

    Yesterday, I got so lost in my writing, I almost forgot the one I really love (my preschooler) – I barely made it to preschool on time. I'm going to start setting an alarm. Glad you had a great writing day.

  2. klahanie

    My friend,

    And the passion of those words that leapt out, danced with joy and inspiration. The magic, the power of the written word is in your heart and soul.

    In kindness,


  3. Jolie du Pre

    I can relate to Tammy. My kids were home from college for the holidays. When they come home, my schedule is thrown off, making it harder to write. I do it, but it's a struggle to stick to my schedule. Now that the house is quiet again, I can get back into the grove – until the next time they come home. LOL!

  4. Tammy J. Palmer

    I used to be so good at 'fading out' as my family will attest, but the holidays and kids home from college have put me into 'reality mode' for far too long. Tomorrow is my first full day to write in a month. I do hope I can slip into story mode and get sometthing done.