Readings at Seksan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Readings@Seksan is a monthly literary event held at Seksan’s Art Gallery, every third Saturday, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Started by Bernice Chauly and run by Sharon Bakar, it encourages unpublished writers, and provides a platform for published writers to interact with an interested audience.

Next week, they complete 8 years of their existence, and plan to celebrate the anniversary in style.

Please drop in if you happen to be around, and cheer the writers on as they read from their work.

If you stay too far away to do that, you can still read some of the works.

The works read at Readings have been published in two collections, the latest of which is Readings from Readings 2, available on Amazon, with a soon-to-be -published Kindle edition.

I love that I was part of that community back when I lived in Kuala lumpur, and wish the event all kinds of success.

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