Emeline and the Mutants #atozchallenge

The A to Z April Blogging Challenge 2013   is not letting me take a breather, but boy am I excited! I’m co-hosting it on Amlokiblogs, so drop me a comment there if you have something to say about the challenge itself. On this blog, I’ll be featuring mostly indie-published book excerpts for all of April. I love reading, and supporting author-friends, and this is a good way to do both.

Emeline and the Mutants
Emeline and the Mutants

Today, for R, I give you a dystopian novel with fantasy characters: Emeline and the Mutants by Rachel Tsoumbakos.

Elevator Pitch: What would you do if your whole family mutated into hideous creatures?

Would you have the courage to do what had to be done when they threatened your life?

Emeline Hart is faced with this horrifying decision when medical science goes wrong in this dystopian novel.
Emeline Hart’s Journal

 (Found in the roof cavity of the abandoned Hart residence)

January 10

I’m hiding in the roof cavity of my house.

Angus was sick, not drunk – Haum sick.

This is my first encounter with zombies. Sure I’ve met a whole bunch of vamps and weres – most of them being my family – and I even know a bit about merpeople (well, actually ‘people’ is no longer correct since all the mermales seem to have been eaten by their spouses), but zombies are new to me.

I am peering down through a small hole I punched in the ceiling with my biro. Angus can smell me, but he can’t work out where I am. I wish I didn’t have to do what has to be done. I wish Angus was like me – immune.

I don’t want to shoot him.

I still love him.

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Have you read dystopian fiction before? I’m not an avid reader of  this genre but I liked the Hunger Games Series, and the premise of Rachel’s book sounds intriguing!


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  1. mrszoomby

    John, you’re right, ‘ hideous’ can mean ugly, but I did intend it to mean more than that. Thanks for the honesty 😀

  2. mrszoomby

    Ghadeer, I still haven’t read 1984, but it is on my TBR list this year. My first (and still fave) dystopia was probably The Stand (although, technically, that is post-apocalyptic).

  3. mrszoomby

    Joe, I hadn’t heard of the genre either until reading The Hunger Games – and that was AFTER writing Emeline and the Mutants! LOL. Now I am completely addicted to the genre 😀

  4. John Wiswell

    That’s a strange elevator pitch, since the first sentence only says they’re ugly creatures now. If my mom turned into an elephant, I’d learn how to take care of elephants. I guess they actually turn into violent monsters who can’t be cured?

  5. ocdreader

    I love dystopian! This theme is explored in Mira Grant’s Zombie trilogy, Feed, where EVERYONE can turn and you better be ready to put your family down. Horrifying
    I want to read Emeline! Thanks for calling it out. 🙂

  6. Joe Owens

    I don’t think I even realize what dystopian meant until i read the Hunger Games and saw the word used to describe the premise. Now i enjoy some dystopian works and am pondering my own dip into that end of the pool.

  7. Ghadeer

    Dystopians are my favourite. It all started when I read the classic, Orwell’s “1984”. But I do enjoy the modern-day dystopians like The Hunger Games triology and Divergent too