Perfection Is the Willingness to be Imperfect

For all of April, I’m going wordless for the A to Z Challenge.

The title of each post is a phrase/
that inspires me as a writer, and below is a picture I
think best embodies it. In the comments, I invite you to discuss what the
phrase means to you, as a person, a reader, or whatever other role you might
choose for yourself in life.

Perfection Is the Willingness to be Imperfect: Image via Kbohn

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  1. Josie Two Shoes

    I love this post… perfection is a process not a state of being. All the enjoyment comes in the experiences we allow ourselves to have along the path of life. If we are too worried about being perfect we will be fearful to attempt new things in case we might fail. We don't have to do everything perfectly in order to enjoy it and learn from it! 🙂

  2. LinWash

    This picture to me says, "What? I'm grabbing all the gusto I can, and having fun at the same time. Is there a problem?" Because that's what writing means to me.

  3. Rena

    I like this. There's actually a term for this in Japanese: wabi sabi. It's a world view that talks about the acceptance of the transient nature of beauty and its imperfections.

  4. Alternative Foodie

    A baby is perfect in every way, no matter what she does and how she does it. Kept falling while learning her first step, that is perfect. Very apt image, Damyanti. Then we became adult, and became scared of our imperfection, not doing not trying, imprisoned by our wish to only be perfect. Well, so we have A-Z challenge, and here we are … doing our best 😉